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helps you to relax, increase blood circulation and relieve pain.


Thai Massage is good for people who through their work get tension and pain in the body. For example, we help people with muscle and connective tissue overload caused by sudden trauma, static monotonous work in front of a computer, incorrect / heavy lifting, and sports injuries.


Traditional Thai massage is an Asian form of alternative medicine practiced through massage, acupressure and assisted yoga.

Thai massage is based on ancient Asian traditions from different parts of the region.

The best traditional Thai massage is found in Wat Pho, the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, where the world-famous traditional massage school is located. Here you can experience a unique massage practiced by students and teachers who teach and pass on this ancient art from generation to generation.


Yom who owns SabayJai is a trained Massage Therapist at the school in Wat Pho in Thailand ... and if you are in the heart of Copenhagen you can have the same and wonderful experience.

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Holbergsgade 15
1057 København K
+45 53 89 42 89

Book by phone, via SMS or WhatsApp on +45 53 89 42 89 or Book Online.

Open from 10:00 to 20:00 every day.
Where it is best.

SabayJai points out that we only perform professional massage, and no form of intimate massage.

SabayJai ApS • CVR 41578688


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