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At SabayJai we do not use oils or skin creams. Both the therapist and you are dressed in loose-fitting and relaxing clothes.

The massage lowers stress levels, relaxes tension and stiffness in muscles and increases blood circulation.

Thai Massage can also relieve headaches and migraines, just as it is a good treatment for pain in both back and joints.



SabayJai has extensive experience in massaging important business problems away: stress, injuries after lifting, muscle tension from sedentary work in front of the computer.

Company Massage is a combination of different techniques that are created with a focus on the individual need. The massage reduces stress in life and your company's employees become healthier and happier. The treatment is carried out in our premises in Holbergsgade 15, in the heart of Copenhagen.


As an employer, you'll always have tax deduction for the expense and Company Massage is tax-free for your employee because it prevents injuries.


For example, an employee who has office work and spends a large part of the working day in front of a computer can get a massage tax-free to counteract the resulting muscle and joint injuries.

Company Massage increases well-being, reduces sick days, is a beautiful way to recognize employees' work effort and give them new and positive energy.

If your employees feel healthy and appreciated, you will fell the benefit too.



We have good experience in relieving and healing your injuries after long work with the computer. These fine movements will often strain muscles and tendons in the arms and hands. Often it is because you are sitting incorrectly, has poor ergonomic positions and using the computer too many hours a day. Typically, a targeted half-hour elbow and shoulder massage, over a repeated period of time, will alleviate much or completely heal the injury.


here we use various concentrated vegetable oils added with an organic organic massage oil. The essential oils penetrate the skin and help to loosen the muscles and give a relaxing therapeutic feeling.

Aroma-Oil Massage helps to restore balance in both body, mind and soul. Aroma-Oil Massage is very effective in relieving problems such as stress, nervous tension and fatigue.



Traditional Thai Massage of head, shoulders and back relieves everyday tension, headaches and tired eyes, closed sinuses and other stress-related nuisances. Back and neck massage relaxes and is good for you who sit in front of the computer all day.


Invite your boyfriend, girlfriend, a friend or a family member to enjoy a wonderful and relaxing massage.

It is a beautiful way to have a wonderful experience together with those you care about.
It can be a gift to celebrate a special occasion, or just a beautiful way to feel even more together in beautiful surroundings.

Please note that at some times of the day, depending on staff availability, we only offer Couple Massage to one person at a time, (60+60 min). The total price for the treatment is always DKK 1.200.



SabayJai points out that we only perform professional massage, and no forms of intimate massage.



Thai massage is a fantastic treatment for your body and soul.

Our masseur uses various techniques to manipulate your body's tendons, connective tissue and muscles.

Thai massage is about compressing, stretching and tilting parts of the body. Deep static pressure and rhythmic pressure are important ingredients.

During the session you will be placed in different yoga-like positions. The masseur will use both hands and feet to give massage.

A treatment typically lasts 60-90 minutes. Depending on your personal needs, you will receive muscle massage, stretching, acupressure and joint rotation in calm and meditative rhythmic movements.


Muscle massage - increases blood supply to the muscles, and treats muscle pain which can be triggered by incorrect working postures, monotonous repeated movements and by stress.


Stretching - keeps your body supple and is extremely effective in preventing damage and maintaining your body balance.


Acupressure - stimulates, strengthens and balances the meridian pathways and has a positive impact on your circulation, organs and immune system.


Joint rotation - The masseur moves your body and joints into positions that are often not used in everyday life. This is very important for maintaining and achieving full movement mechanics in your body.


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Holbergsgade 15
1057 København K
+45 53 89 42 89

Book by phone, via SMS or WhatsApp on +45 53 89 42 89 or Book Online.

Open from 10:00 to 20:00 every day.
Where it is best.

SabayJai points out that we only perform professional massage, and no form of intimate massage.

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